Gus Fernandez Speaking, Training and Consulting Services

Gus Fernandez is a national speaker, consultant and wealth coach who empowers others to attain their financial goals. He has earned international acclaim for his knowledge of real estate, small business, credit restoration and asset protection. Gus was formerly Vice President of Marketing for an International property investment firm and was a Key Account Executive and ‘Hall of Fame’ income producer for the nation’s largest marketing and direct mail company. He is considered one of the top trainers and instructors in North America and has been inducted into Who’s Who in Executives and Business.

Gus has years of front line experience starting, growing and protecting the entrepreneur’s entry into real estate and small business. He has served as a Senior Instructor for the Trump Institute and Robert Kiyoaski’s Rich Dad Poor Dad ‘Launch Your Business’ series.  Beyond his entrepreneurial expertise, he is sought after as a ‘curriculum architect’ for emerging companies.  He has also served HQ management stints with Exxon, Alcoa and AT&T.

Gus is a former college lecturer with a Master’s Degree who has been featured on national radio and television.

To contact Gus for private consulting, email him at