Saving and Making Money In A Tough Economy by Author and Keynote Speaker Gus Fernandez

by admin on March 1, 2019

Gus--Wealth CoachHi, I’m Gus Fernandez a/k/a the Wealth Doc and ‘Weekend Flipper’.  Welcome to the inaugural launch of CashFlowWithGus. Expect the very best here featuring cutting edge financial strategies, ways and means to save money and ramp up your earnings to new heights by making money online and off.  Saving Money, Making Money, and Growing and Protecting money is my mantra!

To the ‘meat’… No question about it, we’re still battling tough times but the good news is that history is on our side for a brighter tomorrow. We’re out of the Great Recession with 5 to 7 years of expansion to look forward to.

OK, our current economy still sucks for many and has definitely stretched the norm but there is at least light at the end of the tunnel—assuming it’s not a train coming the other direction (and I don’t believe it is). 

All the economic indicators are pointing to massive opportunity in the months and next few years ahead so tap into my recommendations, strap on your seat belts and get ready for the ride of your life, right here right now! And because saving money is almost as important to me as making money, here are some smart plays to not only survive trying times but profit in spite of them saving money and making money with Gus Fernandez. success

~START A BUSINESS. There are only two main ways to build wealth—increase your income and reduce your outgo. Owning your own business qualifies you for a whole new slew of valuable tax benefits by turning spending into tax-deductible expenses (tag a professional accountant or enrolled agent for details).

Click the ‘Making Money with Gus’ tab at the top of this page for reliable entreprenurial picks. While there check out ALL my ‘top picks’ with an eagle eye on saving money and making money building a cash monster–or both!

On to a proven money maker. If by chance you’re lucky enough to be sitting on a stash of cash (or a little), be sure to check out the highly touted 100% fully ‘hands off’ stock picker product and business rolled into one endorsed by multiple brokers yet unknown to most–till now. To test the waters click and do the demo. It’s an eyeopener!

“A company is never better than its people,” and I’ve found that to be very true. The featured ‘hand picked’  stock picker above (again, more yet on the tab ‘Making Money with Gus Fernandez’ at has passed a stringent litmus test for simplicity, timing, market, longevity, infrastructure, lead generation (or what I call ‘getting the butts in the seats’ or grabbing the eyeballs) proven leadership and generous margins–as in making money on EVERY sale!

For instance, this robotic stock picker pays out $500 on the first retail sale, $1,000 plus after four sales. As I always tell everyone, there aren’t any guarantees in business or life (if you want one buy an appliance) but it’s certain that if you never start you’ll never make money!

~FIND A MENTOR. We become like those we associate with. Don’t expect your next door neighbor or co-worker to give you advice when they live in the same zip code as you. Bottom line, reach out to someone you respect, invite them to lunch or coffee, take notes and do more listening than talking (there’s a subtle hint).

~BUILD AN EMERGENCY FUND. Best to prioritize ALL your income and outgo together. That’s right, no matter your living circumstances if you both aren’t on board neither is. If you’re single, even with kids, you typically make the decisions so there’s less need for banter.

OR perhaps refinancing keeps you awake at night. Whatever the dilemma, help is on the way. Go to and BONUS: FREE foreclosure prevention assistance at

~USE COUPONS. OK, maybe things aren’t that desperate but in a rugged economy every dollar counts. Either back in your pocket or toward paying down debt. Jump into and

~Liquidate, liquidate, liquidate  Turn your digs upside down to find any odds and ends from books, to CD’s to clothes for cash. Books:  Clothes:, CD’s, DVD’s and Games:

~BLATANT SELF PROMOTION. If you don’t toot your own horn don’t expect anyone else to. Carry your business cards everywhere and look for an opening or complimentary fit into someone else’s niche or business at every turn. Rehearse a ‘one minute’ commercial on your brand and pack it with benefits not features. A feature is what you are, I’m an insurance agent, nurse or Ph.D. A benefit is what you do for others. Maybe your 60 second pitch is simply “I help people save money with fast results with little or no money out of their pockets”. Benefits sell, features tell.

~COMPLETE BUSINESS PLAN. No, we’re not talking the complicated variety (I’m famous for always making the complex simple and easy for my clients, students and customers) but a seamless, easy to understand blueprint. I honed one (really a template where ALL you do is fill in the blanks) as a way to have a starting point to the finish line and to show whoever that you are a serious player.  A baseline to gauge how high to jump to clear whatever your financial hurdles. Simple, to the point and extremely effective.

Your gift by the way. My FREE (for now) business plan ($500 value) is available at where you’ll simply fill out the form that pops up and automatically receive my complimentary monthly subscription. I will be charging a fee for my blog soon but as long as you’re a Charter Member NOW you’ll be grandfathered in and never pay. I’ve always believed in exceeding people’s expectations and to me there’s no better way to demonstrate that philosophy than by this offer. I encourage you to act now. You’ll thank me later!

Finally, stay out of the economy doom and gloom of others, including newspapers and the Web. If you have to, ‘neuter’ your TV and bury yourself in a good book that lifts your spirits. “Believe You Can” by John Mason and my current read, “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill come to mind.

At CashFlowWithGus it’s not just about increasing your net worth by saving money and making money–it’s really all about enriching your life and those around you. Better times are coming, let’s lock arms and do this together–for our cherished friends, families and the offspring we’ve yet to meet!

Next month by popular request, “Life Insurance–Is It Really Necessary?”. Don’t miss it!

I’m Gus Fernandez and I’m fiercely dedicated to saving and making you money!

Gus Fernandez, a/k/a the Wealth Doc

Please be sure to read our disclaimer prior to acting on any information you find on this website There is never any substitute for personalized professional advice.

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