Investment Tips

i_tipsAs I’ve pointed out in the investment strategy section, there are no “get rich quick” schemes and you’re never going to get that “secret hot stock tip” that will somehow render extreme riches overnight.  This said, there are absolutely things you can start doing right now that will help you retire with the finances required to live life as you desire.

Key Tips to Remember 

  • There is no easy way to get rich quick. If you want to retire in comfort, you’ve got to stick to the basics: Save 10% regularly, diversify broadly, find a mentor
  • Learn more – here are some books and web sites that will help you.
  • Diversify: Shy away from individual stocks and bonds
  • Favor no-load mutual funds, when it comes to stocks, in order to participate in the broad market

Book Referrals:

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller


Web Referrals:
Stock and Bond Advisory
Buying foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar



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