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OK everyone, I’ve scanned the globe (well almost!) on behalf of our clients and here’s some of our top picks, most valuable links you simply can’t live without, whether it be to put your financial house in order, start or grow a small business or seek real estate riches.

Click links for complete details and take special note that if for whatever reason you’re not connected to the site, go back to your browser and type the URL in directly (this is a security precaution created by some links.)

One of the most lucrative, tried and tested methods of wealth building known to mankind.

The real estate investing market is so huge that you can choose to invest in foreclosures, preforeclosures, REITs, probate homes, rental properties, and much more. Click for how.

Bi-weekly Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator allows you to calculate bi-weekly loan payment savings, achieved by paying your monthly loan amount every two weeks.

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Free reports mandated by law

Little known certification program for Women in Business

Free and reliable anti-virus software

First class, spyware and pop-up free alternative browser

Smartest way to stop junk mail

Gold mine for tax foreclosed properties

Largest FSBO data bases categorized by city and state

What you see is what you get

Searchable database of government contracts up for bid

More electronic postings of federal procurements

Federal assistance programs by state

If you’ve ever thought about exporting, this is a must

One of the most successful online real estate auction websites.

Your one stop site to cutting back on headache medication

Tons of information organized into neat searchable categories, bi-lingual

Kid or not, great starting point for your children or others

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