Getting Started – Strategies


Planning to Work and Working Your Plan…

As you read through this website I’ve created for you, you will note that there is always a “strategies” section in each of the areas I cover.  Knowing how to go about achieving and protecting wealth is a fundamental aspect of reaching your financial goals.

However, before learning and using strategies, you absolutely must make a wants list, identify your values and finally choose your goals. By doing this, you will find yourself easily motivated to put your strategies to work.


Create Your Wants List

At the top of a pad of paper, write the following:

“If I had unlimited time, money, talent and support from family, here is what I would do with my life...”

What you write should excite you, motivate you, inspire you, make you laugh and, most of all, define your desires and dreams. Write everything down, no matter how silly it seems, no matter what it costs.


Getting-Started-Strat-ImageDeveloping Your Values List

Ideas and beliefs about the relative importance of things in your life are called values. Security, Wealth, Family, Friends…all of these may seem important to you, but creating a values list will help you determine which are most important to you.

For instance, if you highly value security, choosing to leave your job and start your own business might cause a great deal of stress.

The ability to choose your own values is the freedom to literally choose the direction of your life.


Your values list will also enable you to choose the desires that should come first on your dreams list. The accomplishment of those dreams and goals that are in alignment with your top five values will be the most satisfying and personally rewarding. This is where 80% of your available energy and time should be spent!


Identify Your Current Values and Then Prioritize Them Accordingly

First, go through your Values List once or twice. In the left hand column below, check off those values that are most important to you. Second, rate those values that you have checked from most important (1) to least important (10). You can always prioritize more than ten values. There are no right or wrong answers.


Click here to download this list in PDF format. 

Have your spouse fill out a duplicate Value List


Your Goals and Strategies

Once you and your spouse have filled out your value lists, compare and discuss the similarities and differences. Use these values to determine your goals, and create a prioritized list based on your mutual needs. Once your goals have been determined, the strategies will fall into place.

Time is always limited. You will get the greatest sense of satisfaction when your time is spent on those objectives, projects, adventures and relationships that you value mostSo, it is crucial to prioritize your values once you discover them. It is you and only you who can decide what matters most in your life.Why spend time doing anything else?


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