Investmentsi_overviewOK, you want to retire someday (soon!), not spend your golden years under the golden arches, and your next door neighbor has this killer stock recommendation that he’s going to let only you in on…forget about it! If the investment were that good your neighbor wouldn’t be living in the same neighborhood you’re trying to move out of.

The basic underlying principle to make money with any type of investment are the three T’s:

  • Track record
  • Timing
  • Tenacity

That is, what is the long term history of the investment, what is your timing in relation to the market and do you have the fortitude and tenacity to see it to fruition?

Beyond that, just know whenever you pay someone a commission for advice you’re basically buying at retail and ultimately going to sell your investment at wholesale (gee, what’s wrong with that equation?).

Here are some strategies designed to keep you in the black and out of the red…


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