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i_overviewReal-EstateLots of talk of late about a supposed real estate bust, comparing it to the technology stocks of the 80’s…we simply don’t put much stock (oops, no pun intended) in the argument.

Why? Simply put, “they’re not making any more land”, so supply and demand dictates real estate is now and forever will be a great investment!

Sure, you may not see the 20 and 47%+ (Las Vegas) gains of the 21st century anytime soon, but in over twenty years of property experience, we have seldom ever seen the real estate market appreciate less than 5% (you can’t even get that in a C.D.– or what we call a certificate of death because it will take a lifetime to ever see a decent return). So, partake of the following strategies and stake your claim to what rightfully is yours for the asking.

Like its cousin, small business, much of the wealth in this country is created through real estate – which should be an important mix in everyone’s investment portfolio. It’s said that 70% of the wealth in this country is controlled by 2% of the people, much of it gained through wise real estate investing. Few of those 2% became wealthy by luck. They had a blueprint and made calculated choices in their real estate purchasing-so should you.


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